Mastering isolation

Mastering isolation:


How can we succeed at mastering isolation, every time we train? By learning and then, applying a specific training method which purpose is to isolate a muscle!

This specific training method I am referring to is a method of training that can be learned by anyone who is mentally prepared and decided to change his current training for a new, innovative, updated and original training which focus is to create the best possible isolation effect for a muscle, training that way is very efficient, which means that there is no waste of time or energy, and it is also very productive, which means that it give positive results with 0 side effect. But before going to any explanation, I would like you to identify with some specific training elements that are in fact part of the mastering isolation plan that I have personally invented and with whom I have had unexpected results in size, density and definition.

These training elements are: the body postures, the form of execution and an isolation type of exercise, all these 3 training elements are necessary and needed to isolate a muscle, therefore they are of equal importance and value when we use them, they act in synergy, no one element can do the trick on its own when it comes to succeed at mastering isolation when training. But even if these 3 elements are essential and can do wonder when using them in a coordinate fashion, they can also become useless if using them wrongly, that is, not knowing how to best apply them individually and collectively to obtain the desired training effect, therefore, it is a must to first learn their function and application before applying them in your training. Meantime keep in mind that if you wish to master isolation, you also have to acknowledge that it will probably not happen if you don’t make an incessant effort to improve your postures and your form of execution when exercising with your chosen isolation type of exercise, and so, not only at the beginning of your training but most certainly during your entire training session.

banner (34)Training that way, with appropriate postures and an almost perfect form of execution suited to your exercise is very hard work, and therefore, very demanding and very taxing physically and mentally because this require a total immersion in your training, from a single rep and set to all reps and sets part of your training program, therefore it is a must to remain completely focus and patient while exercising, otherwise you will end-up losing your interest while battling, suffering, and enduring in order to succeed at isolating your exercised muscle. My advice then is to take your time learning how to best positioned your body and your body parts, to perform repetition with the best form of execution, to select resistances that will perfectly match each set of reps, to find out the precise resting time between reps and sets to improve recovery, etc, in short, you have to become good at mastering isolation, then you can and with great confident expect to grow and even reach your full genetic potential in size. Thereafter, you can also keep your muscles integrity for years to come, you will then be a happy bodybuilder with plenty of desire to train and next your motivation will never vanish up to a point where you can if you like experience what it feel like to stay forever young.

Training components:

-Each training elements cited above has its own specific characteristic role and purpose that is common to all three, their combined effect cause an exercised muscle to be fully stimulated up to a point where muscle growth stimulation can be expected and later on produced, you can therefore understand the importance of applying them properly and correctly, even though at the beginning of learning their proper application you are obviously not yet accurate with this difficult task, don’t despair or either give up trying hard to improve your skill, exercising perfectly takes sometime and as I said earlier a lot of focus and patience. But all come to one thing, practice will make you better, then exercise with them as often as possible before expecting to really master the art and skill of isolation, your motivation to carry on training that way will raise when you will experience by yourself a significant progression, now you don’t have to rely on training with heavy weights to stimulate muscle growth but instead you will able to stimulate growth after learning how to master isolation.

Applying components:

- To reach the best body and body parts postures, our body as well as our body parts must be positioned accordingly to our chosen isolation type of exercise.

To exercise with the best possible form of execution, our range of movement must be as great as possible, that means that we must perform movement from a full extension to one full contraction, also, our rep must be performed in a relative slow rate of speed until the end of a set.

An isolation type of exercise is an exercise which purpose is to isolate a muscle like any other exercise.


-As you can see, you have now the potential to fully isolate a muscle if you correctly apply these three different and complementary training elements but its not that all, in fact, our ability to succeed in stimulating muscle growth while training also depend, on the progressive performance method because of its program, as you may or not yet know the progressive performance program has been carefully designed.

Let’s see now: - how we can maximally isolate and then stimulate our back muscles with the low row pulley machine:  I know what you are thinking: - this exercise is not really an isolation type of exercise because the shoulders and mostly the biceps will come both into play when exercising! Well, my answer is: - if you use the low row exercise in the traditional manner without applying perfect postures and perfect form you will end-up using a basic exercise that requires more than the back muscles to move the resistance, now in the opposite if you use this same exercise while applying to the best of your ability my recommendations and advices you will experience something completely new and different that will first turn this low row pulley exercise into a perfect type of isolation exercise for your back and so much so that you will experience mostly your back that is moving the resistance from a full extension to one full contraction.You will also sense that your entire back muscles is completely involved and touched particularly when you will be exercising with perfect postures and a perfect form of execution.

Using a handle bar for this exercise is key to limit to minimum biceps works, in fact, when you will grasp this narrow bar, your hands will be positioned in a hammer position manner with your thumbs up, this position will preserve your biceps from experiencing fatigue before your back, then your back can be exercised to muscle failure, where one more rep will be impossible to be performed with a perfect posture and a perfect form of execution despite your greatest effort.

banner (40)Thereafter having locked your handle bar in the hook, seat on the bench machine and adjust yourself properly, the distance in between your feet and your gluteus will permit to your legs to be slightly bend, this position must facilitate the passage of your handle bar when you will be moving the resistance up and down, your back and your neck will be maintained in a relative straight position and your lower back will be slightly curved before the start of each repetition.

At this point you possess two training elements and conditions, that are, an isolation type of exercise and your postures, postures that should be quite close to perfection, I will explain later to you how to perfectly position your body and your body parts; the next training element and condition that must meet the other two cited just above is the perfect form of execution, but before I am going to explain to you how to proceed with this difficult procedure, you have to select a weight that must match your first set of 20 reps, this weight should be very light because you must execute all your repetitions at a very slowly rate of speed.

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